Inhouse Production

Be it a fabrication of MS material or machining of material, IEW takes it all under a one roof. This inhouse production facility enables IEW to maintain accuracy in most of the parts and also help to procure the material so that the optimum cost will occure.

IEW inhouse Production includes :

  • Girders
  • End Carriages
  • Platforms
  • Wheels & wheel Blocks
  • Hoist / Crab Body
  • Wire Rope Drum
  • Pullies and Pully covers
  • Assembly of Control Panel Board
  • Small Machined Components like pins, Axles, Shafts, Bushes, etc.


IEW Standard Bought Out Items :

  • Geared Break Motors ( Inbuilt DC Disc Brake ) from SEW, NORD & SEIMENS.
  • VFD Drives.
  • Electrical Cables & Switches.